Civil and MEP Maintenance

We provide high quality service for painting, wall cracks, tiling, tiles polishing and all other related works.Zenith Crew Maintenance company that provides high quality standard electrical maintenance and we have centralized people in place who conduct professional surveys/inspection of the electrical systems on regular basis for predictive techniques such as thermal imaging, portable appliance testing and ultrasound. This enables to detect faults before they lead to problem.

Zenith Crew is great in mechanical maintenance and have specialized technicians for equipment such as cooling towers, pumps, motors, etc.We have established an extensive plumbing maintenance services program to install, repair and maintain all plumbing equipment. Within our plumbing maintenance services, we ensure all preventive measures are taken, thereby preventing premature failure.

If you are searching for a company that can cater to the above needs, solve the problems and bring you that excitement of perfect services.

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